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Forward Together

Yes – it’s the same title as last week.  But it’s the right title for here and for now.

This weekend we are able to house more people at our Sunday service than at any time in the last 18 months.  We look forward to being able to sing (we strongly encourage masks to be worn so that this cam be done responsibly).

And then next weekend we hope to welcome more to our “Back to church” Sunday based around the Lord’s table – around communion.

And yet – there may be doubts, concerns.  You may not feel able to be part of it yet.  There are challenges still to be faced as we continue to navigate this pandemic. We do encourage you to join us if you can, as we will endeavour to have appropriate measures in place rather than throw caution to the wind. But we understand the concerns.

Throughout these months we have encouraged all to pray for our leaders, who need wisdom.  That is no less true now than it was in March and April 2020.  So we do pray.  We pray for that wisdom, for good decision making.  We pray for the easing of restrictions to work.

And we pray for this church and this community, that we can navigate the summer wisely, but joyfully.  That we can show understanding, but look forward.  We pray for the Back to Church Sunday and the Funday.  We pray for God’s work to be done.  That we can learn, grow, and move forward – together.

Bless you,




Forward Together

It’s a significant time.  However big it would have been to win the Euros (and the truth is the team did really well; it was a tough Italian side) – that was never going to be the most significant thing to happen in July.

Monday the 19th July is a step for the nation – as the restrictions are relaxed.  We would have preferred that the number of cases was lower.  We can see that this is not risk-free.  It isn’t quite as simple as “it’s all over…”, because it isn’t.

And yet… we can move forward.  And as church we want to move forward together – showing hope and faith, but displaying wisdom and understanding.  The only way is forward.  And the best way forward is to go together, under the guidance of the very best Counsellor there is.

So what does that mean in practice?


  • From Sunday 25th July, please come along to church if you want.  We won’t book people in to services from that date.
  • Chairs will still have some space between them – in line with 1m+ guidance. This is less than the 2m spacing used recently, so we can fit more in, but is still being sensible
  • The room will be kept ventilated – with doors and/or windows open
  • From Sunday 25th July, we will encourage the continued use of masks – particularly as we want to be able to sing again. Mask wearing will help us to do this responsibly.
  • Refreshments will re-start from 1st August – which is our “Back to Church Sunday”.  Wherever possible we will encourage refreshments to be taken into the garden.  Please pray for sunny Sundays!

We are church. There will be anxieties, for sure, but God has always been with us. We are His - may we grow together, learn together, worship together – and move forward together. In Him.

Bless you,





So who will win?  On Sunday evening there is the little matter of a European Championship final. Will it be Italy? Will it be England?  One thing we know – someone will win!

Last week Ashley taught us about getting to heaven – making sure we have it on our “bucket list.” (Catch it on Facebook, or on the website if you didn’t see last Sunday’s service. It’s well worth listening to.)

As believers – that is the prize worth fighting for, straining for; it’s worth looking forward to. Forget Euro 2020/2021 – this is the real prize.  We want to be there – and we want others to be there too. 

This Sunday Basil is talking about “Salt and Light” – very much motivated by the theme of being a “City on a hill.”  But it’s about showing off the love of Jesus, shining His light, bringing his flavour to people who desperately need Him.

Hear his words – and respond to them.  As church – we are called to share the hope we have with anyone who is willing to hear.


And one more thing…

We are counting the weeks down now to Back to Church Sunday, (1st August) and to the Funday (7th August).  Please, please, please do get along to them if at all possible.  We want to enjoy the opportunity of being church together – and delight in the opportunity to serve the community in a practical way at last!

Bless you,