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It ain’t what you do…

…it’s the way that you do it.  Well, according to Fun Boy Three (and Bananarama) that’s the case.  And for those with longer memories, you might associate the song with Ella Fitzgerald.

Of course, what we do is, in truth, important.  But as we said last week, how we do it genuinely does matter.  The way we are and the way we live our lives can either bless others or damage others.  They can honour God or they can bring dishonour.  They should be an act of worship.

We want to aspire to doing the right things the right way.  To live on our frontlines and bring honour to God, being used by Him in all we do.

The thing is that we can look at tasks and judge some as being more or less important than others.  But the how question talks about not just the task but the attitude.  God is interested in attitude.  He looks for availability more than ability.  The ability may be necessary in some tasks, but the availability and willingness to see where we are as an opportunity to serve is massive!

So don’t compare your tasks with someone else’s.  Instead, focus on your roles, your tasks, your life.  And do them for Him.



God is with you wherever you are.  Whatever you do.  However big or small you feel, however important or unimportant you feel your role is – in workplaces, families, schools.  Wherever.  Whatever.

We know it in our heads – but we easily ignore it as we kind of get on with life in spite of God, rather than being aware of Him and include Him.  But we can be used by God wherever we are.  Whatever life issues we happen to be juggling – maybe God can use what we are doing, or use how we are doing things.

Because the how matters.  Even when things are tough and we’d rather be somewhere else, how we handle it speaks volumes.  Maybe that’s part of our frontline – demonstrating a value, an integrity, a kindness as we confront people and situations.
Let Him in – and realise that He is with you, and he can use you – in the what, but also in the how.



Faithful, consistent, committed, persistent. All words that we know describe attributes that are good, that we should aspire to.  But they are qualities that can be eroded by the instant, quick fix, casual society that we live in.

Paul talks about running a race, striving to achieve a goal.  Jesus teaches through a story of a persistent widow. Moses leads the Israelite people through 40 years in the wilderness.  Persistence, commitment, consistency, faithfulness.  Patience and faithfulness are listed among the fruits of the Spirit.
May we defend ourselves against the short-term me-centred attitudes of our time. That we realise and embrace that faithfulness and an eye on the long-term goal in Jesus mean that we can persist.  That we can dare to commit – to His plans, to His purposes and to His work.

Commitment is not a dirty word – the people we admire for achieving have almost invariably had to persist and stay committed, rather than be distracted from the goal.  Commitment is precious, it is good.  May we stay true, may we stay faithful and committed and may we stay the course, to achieve the goal and to win the prize for which Christ has called us heavenwards in Christ Jesus.


Chris Jackson, 04/10/2019