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We have a son who is currently at University.  He’s studying Engineering and is into his second full year living in Hatfield, to allow him to study at the University of Hertfordshire.

Before that he and his brother went through school – as thousands upon thousands of children are at the moment.  Of course, this year, education has been challenged beyond anything previously seen.  And although technology has allowed some learning to continue, many families found the lockdown earlier in the year particularly hard, with all the challenges of home tuition!

So we have different stages of formal education.  But we learn in so many more ways than that…

We learn through our own experience.  If we are wise, we learn through others’ experience as well.  All of our lives can and should be an opportunity to learn and grow…

Never stop.

To stop learning is to think we have got enough, that we have somehow arrived.  It is foolishness and arrogance!  We need to keep on learning.

True in life – true in faith.  We should, as believers, not simply crave the “milk” of simple instruction, but move on to “solid food”.  We should learn and grow more. We should keep on learning and growing to be more like Jesus.

So don’t stop!  Keep on learning, keep on desiring to grow still more.  Keep on getting closer and closer to Jesus.




We will remember…

Today is Remembrance Sunday.  It’s an opportunity to consider those who have put themselves into the front line, and made a sacrifice for the benefit of others.  A day to remember that we have had times of real conflict and hardship – with people having to persist and see it through, even when it all seemed dark.

And yet, earlier in the year, we celebrated VE Day.  It was a time to celebrate that those dark days did, indeed, come to an end.  There were new challenges to face, and it wasn’t an end to all suffering, but it was an end to that chapter. 

This year all that carries extra significance.  There is a new struggle, with new heroes putting themselves on the front line.  Too many have already made the ultimate sacrifice – we hope and pray that we will see an end soon.

Today is the first Sunday back under a form of “lockdown.”  Having had a brighter summer, we now have a period in which our role is to be safe and wise, only doing what is essential.  It’s tough.  It could feel like a removal of liberties; it can bring new worries.  But we will remain strong.  Remember that we have a certain hope.  Remember that God made you, and loves you.

So as we choose to remember the fallen from conflicts over the last century or more, we continue to look forward.  Their sacrifices were to enable a future; they were part of a hope and a bigger purpose. The challenges we face are not pointless, they also have a purpose.  We are part of something bigger than ourselves – all we have to do is play our part.

Over these next weeks, be wise.  Don’t ask “what can I get away with”, rather ask “what is right.”  And there will be a victory.  Stay strong, stay safe and look forward.  Look forward together, with God.




The real trick in life is to see yourself as God sees you. 

… jut as we said last week.

Seeing ourselves as we are – realising that we are made to be unique, not the same as everyone else.  We are a unique combination of character, talent, style, passion … while we learn from others (if we’re wise) we should never want to simply copy and become the same as someone else. They were made to be themselves – you were made to be yourself.

We celebrate uniqueness.  But not superiority.

We are made to be different to each other – but we are made equal.  Away from coronavirus, there is another massive story this year – with the “black lives matter” campaign – just serving to highlight how we so easily slip into forgetting the simple truth.  God loves us all equally.  We were made to be different – but that difference is no excuse for prejudice or bias.

Different – but equal.

Paul talks about the body – highlighting that we have different roles, different functions – but no-one has the right to look at someone else and say “you aren’t of any consequence – we don’t need you.”  No – all are created by God to be His, to be beautiful, to be unique, and to share equally in the inheritance that is ours in Jesus.

In the church – we need to delight in who we are – but celebrate with others as they delight in who God has made them to be.  In society, we need to realise that lives matter – all are equal, all are created by God, whether they realise it or not.

So delight in being who God has made you to be.  See yourself through his eyes.  But see others through his eyes too. Eyes of love.