Facilities Team

The facilities teams are essential in making the Trent Road Centre run smoothly. Volunteers help to make sure the practical jobs happen - from mowing the lawn to making the tea.  There are jobs from the small to the large - all necessary in the running of a church. 

These teams are a great way to get involved with the church - our facilities teams cover
  • Sunday refreshments
  • Housekeeping
  • Building Maintenance

Sunday refreshments
We have refreshments every Sunday between the services - teas, coffees and biscuits (and sometimes cakes!).  Volunteers are always welcome - Jules or Debra are the main point of contact for those who wish to get involved.

The church needs cleaning every week.  We have a small team of dedicated people who make sure this happens - but we would love to have more helpers.  Please catch Charm to register your interest!

Building maintenance
Inside and out there are maintenance tasks always demanding attention.  Lawns need mowing, breakages need repairing and the building needs to be looked after.  Chris W, with the help of others looks after the maintenance - but if you have services you can offer, then please let us know!

Please talk to the identified leaders if you can help - or Contact Us for more information.