Worship Team

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Worship is an integral part of our Christian lives, both individually, and corporately, as Chelmsford Community Church. 

The music is led by the Chelmsford Community Church band. The band plays a wide range and style of Christian songs, ranging from extremely lively to reflective and anywhere in between!

However, worship is far more than just the music and songs. Worship is our response to God's love, it's our giving back to God. God wants us to love him thoughtfully with our minds; passionately with our hearts and souls and practically with our strength. So if we are living our lives for God and focusing on him then whatever we are doing is worship. Like the doting parent he is he enjoys it when we are living as we were made to live. So whether we are singing songs of worship in a service, watching sport on the tv or eating a good meal we can be worshipping our wonderful God.

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